The Importance of Making Church Records Public Information

The Importance of Making Church Records Public Information

Church records are a vital source of information for historians, genealogists, and anyone interested in tracing their family history back through the generations. These records often contain information about births, marriages, deaths, and other important events that can help us understand our past and appreciate our cultural heritage. Unfortunately, many church records are not publicly available, which can make it difficult for people to access this valuable information.

Why Make Church Records Public?

One of the main reasons to make church records public is to increase access to historical information. Many people are interested in their family history, and church records can be an important source of information in this regard. By making these records available online, for example, people can access them from anywhere in the world, which helps to facilitate research and promote historical understanding.

Another reason to make church records public is to help preserve them. Many church records are stored in archives or other repositories that may not have the funding or resources to properly care for them. By making these records publicly available, more people will have an opportunity to view and study them, which can help ensure their preservation for future generations.

Case Studies

There are many examples of how making church records public can help researchers and genealogists. One example is the digitization of the Roman Catholic Church records in Co. Kerry, Ireland. The Kerry Library recently completed a project to digitize these records, which date back to the mid-18th century, and make them available online. This has been a boon for researchers, as the records contain information on thousands of births, marriages, and deaths.

Another example is the Mormon Church’s genealogy website, This site provides free access to a wide range of historical records, including church records from around the world. By making these records available, the site has helped countless people trace their family history and connect with their cultural heritage.


In conclusion, making church records public is an important step towards promoting historical understanding and preserving our cultural heritage. By increasing access to these valuable resources, we can help researchers and genealogists learn more about their past and appreciate the contributions of previous generations. With the growing interest in family history and genealogy, it is more important than ever to make these records available to the public in a safe and secure manner.

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