Why Reusing Biometrics for I-131 Could Save Time and Money

Why Reusing Biometrics for I-131 Could Save Time and Money

The process of obtaining a Green Card or the re-entry permit can be time-consuming and expensive. One of the most cumbersome requirements in this process is biometric collection, which involves taking fingerprints, photographs, and other biometric information from the applicant. This can take up to several weeks, and the applicant may have to visit the USCIS Application Support Center for multiple appointments.

However, there is some good news on the horizon, as the USCIS is planning to roll out a biometrics reuse policy for Form I-131 re-entry permits. This means that biometrics collected within the previous 10 years will be used instead of requiring new biometric data for every new Form I-131 submission. Below are some reasons why this policy change is significant.

Improved convenience for applicants

Having a biometric collection process frequently can significantly increase the time and money required to apply for an immigration benefit. By allowing the reuse of biometric data already collected, the process becomes more streamlined, reduces the burden on applicants, and saves valuable resources.

Reduced burden on USCIS

Reusing biometrics will also reduce the workload for USCIS by not requiring repetitive biometric collection and processing. Instead, resources can be focused elsewhere, such as adjudicating the application process, which will ultimately lead to faster processing times.

Improved efficiency

By implementing a biometric reuse policy, USCIS can increase their overall efficiency in processing immigration applications. This policy change will lead to quicker and more efficient processing times for applicants, which in turn will free up more resources for USCIS to focus on other critical areas.


In conclusion, reusing biometric data for I-131 applications is a significant step towards improving the overall efficiency of USCIS processes. By reducing the burden on applicants, USCIS workers, and saving valuable resources, this policy change represents a win-win for all stakeholders involved. Therefore, USCIS should move forward with this initiative to further streamline the Green Card and re-entry permit application process.

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