Reviving Childhood Memories: 2017 Beauty and the Beast Renews Our Love for Fairytales

Reviving Childhood Memories: 2017 Beauty and the Beast Renews Our Love for Fairytales

Fairytales have always been an essential part of human storytelling. These imaginative stories have captivated audiences for centuries, transporting them to a realm where magic and fantasy are real. One such fairytale that has been on the lips of many is ‘Beauty and the Beast’. The story has been retold numerous times, with modern takes on the classic tale usually resulting in varying degrees of success. However, the 2017 adaptation of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ was a resounding success, with many saying that it was everything they’d hoped for in a fairytale movie.

The Enchantment of ‘Beauty and the Beast’

The latest adaptation of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ brought back fond childhood memories that many had put aside. The captivating tale of Belle’s love for the cursed Beast began with a grand opening of a magical castle surrounded by a forest. Scenes from the first half of the movie played out like an old, familiar friend, as people watched Belle’s struggle against the social norms of her village, her kindness towards the Beast, and the transformation of the curse. Along with the mystical fairy who speaks to Belle via rose petals, the movie contained thrilling scenes of adventure to excite audiences of all ages. However, these were just the surface reasons why the adaptation became such a huge success.

The Multifaceted Adaptation

The movie held deep-rooted lessons that went beyond the surface level of fairytale movies. Belle’s story is one of hope and action, reinforcing that just a single small act of kindness can result in the grandest of miracles. The movie also tried to address various issues such as the importance of looking beyond physical appearances, the power dynamics of society and community, and love in all its forms. These messages spoke to audiences all around the world, making the movie a must-watch for families everywhere.

Future of the Fairytale Genre

The success of the 2017 adaptation of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ was a sign of good things to come for the fairytale movie genre. With classics like ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Mulan’ receiving the movie adaptation treatment, fairytales were set for a comeback. This resurgence of fairytales has allowed the younger generation to reconnect with classic tales while also introducing them to modern themes and fresh perspectives.

The Beauty of Nostalgia

The 2017 adaptation of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ reignited the love for fairytales that many of us had lost while growing up. The movie allowed us to relive our fond childhood memories while introducing us to wholesome lessons that we still needed to learn. It reinforced the phrase, “Once upon a time,” taking us back to a time filled with magic, wonder, and mystery.


In conclusion, the 2017 adaptation of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ has been a breath of fresh air that has revived our love for fairytales. The movie has brought back childhood memories that have remained dormant within us. It has also introduced us to new perspectives and reinforced values that we still need to learn, making it a movie that people of all ages can enjoy. Fairytales may be old, but their timeless appeal has cemented them as stories worth telling over and over again.

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