Exploring the Painful Realities of Mental Illness: A Look at Beartooth’s Disease Lyrics

Exploring the Painful Realities of Mental Illness: A Look at Beartooth’s Disease Lyrics

Mental illness is a topic that has been largely stigmatized and swept under the rug for far too long. However, with greater awareness, we are finally beginning to talk about it and acknowledge the burden that those affected by these conditions carry.

One band that has been particularly vocal about their experiences with mental illness is Beartooth. With lyrics that are both honest and raw, they have given voice to the reality that many people face on a daily basis. In this article, we will explore the painful realities of mental illness through a deeper examination of Beartooth’s lyrics, and what insights and takeaways we can glean from them.

The Struggle of Living with Mental Illness

Beartooth’s song “Disease,” which was released in 2018, speaks to the constant struggle of living with a mental illness. The chorus of the song embodies this struggle, with the lyrics “I can’t control my frown, I can’t control it now, how did I get so far gone?”

These lyrics illustrate the feeling of helplessness and desperation which many people who live with mental illness experience. It is often a feeling of being trapped in one’s own mind and unable to break free from the negative thoughts and emotions that are weighing them down.

The Burden of Trauma

Beartooth’s song “Sick of Me” which was released in 2017, speaks to the burden of trauma and how it can affect a person’s mental health. In the chorus, the lyrics say “Cause I’m sick of me, and I’m sick of you, and everything I do.”

These lyrics convey the idea that people who have experienced trauma often feel as though they are carrying a weight that is too heavy to bear. Moreover, they may feel like they are a burden not only to themselves but to the people around them. It is an isolating feeling to carry the burden of trauma and these lyrics reflect that pain.

The Importance of Support and Empathy

Despite the darkness of their lyrics, there is a note of hope that underscores Beartooth’s music. Their song “Hated” which was released in 2014, sends a message of solidarity to those who are struggling.

In the chorus, the lyrics say “We all carry these things inside, that no one else can see. They hold us down like anchors, they drown us out at sea.”

This verse acknowledges that everyone carries a burden of some sort, and that mental illness is a common struggle that many people face. The song then moves towards healing with the lyrics “But I need you to know, that I have been there too. I have felt that darkness too.”

These lyrics illustrate the importance of empathy and support, as well as the power of knowing that you are not alone in your struggles. To be able to relate with others who have undergone issues of mental health just like you is often a great source of comfort and a way to heal.


In conclusion, Beartooth’s lyrics offer an unapologetic look at the realities of living with mental illness. They give voice to those who have felt stigmatized or silenced by their conditions, and they offer hope in the form of solidarity and empathy. Through their music, Beartooth has provided a platform for discussion about mental health and the importance of addressing it.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with a mental health condition, please know that there is help available. Talk to your doctor, a counselor, or someone you trust about how you are feeling. Remember that you are not alone and that there is hope for healing and recovery.

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