Exploring the Many Resources Available at the Belk Information Commons

Exploring the Many Resources Available at the Belk Information Commons

The Belk Information Commons is a library at Davidson College that offers a vast array of resources to support student learning and research. From state-of-the-art technology to professional support services, the Belk Information Commons is a must-visit for all scholars.


The Belk Information Commons is a modern library that provides students with a user-friendly environment where they can explore, discover and learn. It is a hub of resources and services that support research and teaching and learning. This article explores the many resources available at the Belk Information Commons.

Technology Resources

The Belk Information Commons has an impressive array of technology resources that are tailored to support student learning. The library boasts of over 80 computers that are equipped with the latest software. The computers are arranged in clusters to accommodate group work and independent study. The library also has several software packages that students can use for academic purposes, including SPSS, R, and SAS.

Collaboration Spaces

The Belk Information Commons offers students ample spaces to collaborate, brainstorm, and work together. The library has several group study rooms that can be booked online. The rooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards, projectors, and other presentation tools to aid in collaborative learning. The library also has a large open space on the fourth floor that can be used for team projects or impromptu group study sessions.

Research Assistance

The Belk Information Commons has a team of professional librarians who are always on hand to assist students with their research needs. The librarians provide individual consultations and offer specialized services, including citation management and research data management.

Special Collections

The Belk Information Commons also has a unique collection of special materials that are available for research. The library has an extensive collection of rare books, manuscripts, photographs, and other materials that are related to Davidson College and its region. The materials in the special collections can be used for research or for special projects.


The Belk Information Commons is a valuable resource for students at Davidson College. The library provides access to technology resources, collaboration spaces, research assistance, and special collections that can support student learning and research. Visiting the Belk Information Commons should be a priority for all students who want to maximize their academic potential.

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