Top 5 Adventure Travel Influencers To Follow In 2022

Top 5 Adventure Travel Influencers To Follow In 2022

Are you looking for new travel inspiration for the coming year? Look no further than these top 5 adventure travel influencers whose daring exploits will inspire your next journey.

1. Louis Cole

Louis Cole is a British vlogger whose travel adventures have taken him to over 100 countries. He’s known for his willingness to try new things, from swimming with sharks to skydiving. Cole’s YouTube channel, Fun for Louis, has over 2 million subscribers and features daily vlogs from his travels and adventures.

2. Murad Osmann

Murad Osmann gained fame for his #FollowMeTo photo project, where he takes stunning photographs of his girlfriend leading him by the hand to iconic landmarks around the world. His Instagram account now has over 5 million followers, and his visually stunning photos are sure to inspire your next adventure.

3. Brooke Saward

Brooke Saward is an Australian blogger whose travel experiences have taken her to over 100 countries. Her blog, World of Wanderlust, is full of expert tips, beautiful photography, and inspiring stories. She also offers travel planning services for those who want to follow in her footsteps.

4. Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard is a California-based photographer and filmmaker who specializes in adventure and outdoor photography. His stunning images of remote landscapes and extreme sports have been featured in numerous publications, and his YouTube channel is full of inspiring travel videos.

5. Alyssa Ramos

Alyssa Ramos is a travel blogger and social media influencer who has visited over 100 countries. Her blog, My Life’s a Travel Movie, features personal stories, travel tips, and destination guides. She’s also known for her daring adventures, such as summiting Mount Kilimanjaro and bungee jumping in New Zealand.

In conclusion, following these top adventure travel influencers will give you fresh ideas and inspiration for your next journey. Whether you’re looking for adrenaline-fueled adventures or simply stunning scenery, these influencers have you covered. Happy travels!

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