Discover the Secrets of Qing Beauty: The Ultimate Guide

Discover the Secrets of Qing Beauty: The Ultimate Guide

Qing dynasty is known for its rich cultural heritage and the tradition of beauty that is passed down to contemporary times. The secrets of Qing beauty are revealed in this ultimate guide, which covers everything from skincare to makeup. In this article, we will explore the key principles of Qing beauty, and how they can be applied in modern times.

Skincare in Qing Beauty

Skincare is the foundation of Qing beauty. The key principle of Qing beauty is to nourish the skin from the inside out. This means that a healthy diet is essential to achieve clear, glowing skin. Traditional Chinese foods like goji berries, green tea, and red dates are believed to promote skin health.

Besides a healthy diet, skincare products were also an integral part of Qing beauty. The empresses of the Qing dynasty used to use herbal-based skincare products that were infused with ingredients like ginseng and pearl powder. These ingredients were believed to have anti-aging properties and promote skin radiance.

Makeup in Qing Beauty

Makeup was also an essential part of Qing beauty. The makeup style was delicate, subtle, and aimed to enhance natural beauty rather than cover it up. Pale skin was considered a symbol of beauty, and many women used to apply rice powder or lead-based makeup to achieve a porcelain complexion.

Another fascinating aspect of Qing makeup was the use of makeup stamps. These stamps were made of jade or ivory and were used to apply makeup to the face. The stamps were designed with intricate patterns and symbols that represented good fortune and luck.

The Influence of Qing Beauty Today

The influence of Qing beauty can be seen in modern times. Today, traditional Chinese skincare ingredients like ginseng and pearl powder are widely used in skincare products. Skincare rituals like gua sha and jade roller are also popular skincare treatments among people seeking to achieve radiant skin.

In makeup, the influence of Qing beauty can be seen in the popularity of light skin tone makeup styles like Korean makeup. Makeup stamps have also made a comeback and are now used as a unique way to apply lipstick and eyeshadow.


In conclusion, Qing beauty is a time-honored tradition that values nourishing the skin from the inside out. The use of herbal-based skincare and delicate makeup styles are the hallmark of Qing beauty. These traditions have continued to influence modern-day beauty rituals, making Qing beauty a timeless and enduring cultural heritage.

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