Celebrating 30 Years of Enchantment: Beauty and the Beast Cast Then and Now

Celebrating 30 Years of Enchantment: Beauty and the Beast Cast Then and Now

Disney’s animated movie Beauty and the Beast turns 30 this year, and it’s a momentous milestone for fans worldwide. The movie has managed to remain a classic fairytale story for generations, transcending time and inspiring audiences of all ages. The movie has touched countless lives and continues to do so even today. But what about the cast of this timeless masterpiece? What have they been up to, and how have they changed over the years? Let’s explore the story of the Beauty and the Beast cast then and now.

The Original Cast

The original voice-over cast of Beauty and the Beast included some of the most well-known actors and actresses of their time. Recapping the tale that has now become a legend, Paige O’Hara’s Belle, Robby Benson’s Beast, Angela Lansbury’s Mrs. Potts, and Jerry Orbach’s Lumière have etched themselves in the fans’ collective memory forever.

The Then and Now Comparison

However, time has passed, and we may not see the cast together on screen again. Paige O’Hara still has that signature smile that she displayed as Belle in the movie, but a glance at her current pictures shows how much she has aged. Robby Benson, who earlier played the beast, has gone through a transformation too. He now sports a hint of gray in his hair and a scruffy beard. However, when it comes to Angela Lansbury, I am sure fans of the beloved actress would agree that her iconic voice still enchants the audience, even at 96 years young.

Jerry Orbach, the voice behind Lumière, sadly passed away in 2004. Movie fans still respect Jerry’s performances and contributions to the world of entertainment. The other actors who have lent their voice to the movie’s memorable characters, such as Bradley Michael Pierce (Chip), David Ogden Stiers (Cogsworth), and Richard White (Gaston), have remained hard at work in showbiz, even after three decades of Beauty and the Beast.

The Significance of Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast was a landmark achievement for Disney and has become synonymous with the studio’s name. It changed the game for how animated movies were perceived by Hollywood, industry critics, and moviegoers in general. It set the standard for art style, storytelling, and musical scores, elevating animated movies to new heights entirely.

The movie’s message of transforming something beastly into a respectable and kind creature is an exceptionally powerful one. It has been designed to educate children about accepting people for who they are, irrespective of their external appearance. The notion of “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” has never been more relevant than it is today. Beauty and the Beast teaches us all to be kind, accepting, and never judge a book by its cover.


The original voice cast of Beauty and the Beast still remains celebrated and remembered by fans worldwide. Even after 30 years, the movie remains an excellent discussion point for people of all ages. The Beauty and the Beast cast, then and now, shows us how time moves on, but the product they delivered decades earlier is proof that it will last forever. The charm, wit, and magic displayed in the movie have made it a staple of American culture, and it will continue to inspire our children and the generations that follow long after we are gone.

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