Building Bridges: How to Connect with Adventist Health

Building Bridges: How to Connect with Adventist Health

If you’re seeking healthcare services from Adventist Health, or would like to establish a connection with them, you need to comprehend the foundations of networking – building bridges that allow you to exchange information and build relationships. In this article, we’ll be discussing the best approaches to connect with Adventist Health and how to remain engaged.


Adventist Health is dedicated to providing quality healthcare services to help individuals live healthier lives. With various facilities spread throughout regions like California, Oregon, and Hawaii, Adventist Health is a leading health system. To provide a successful patient experience, Adventist Health collaborates with other healthcare providers, insurance companies, patients, and their families. As a patient or healthcare provider, it’s essential to build connections with Adventist Health to improve healthcare outcomes and enhance the patient experience.

Building Bridges with Adventist Health

To connect with Adventist Health, there are several ways you can build bridges. For example, you can make appointments with healthcare providers affiliated with Adventist Health, sign up for their online patient portals, or attend community events where Adventist Health is present. When building bridges, it’s critical to remain engaged in the conversation and share ideas.

Setting Appointments with Adventist Health Providers

A personal connection with an Adventist Health provider can be beneficial in understanding the healthcare system, receiving immediate health care services, and building relationships with other community providers. To establish a connection with Adventist Health, schedule an appointment with their providers and discuss your health concerns.

Signing Up for Online Patient Portals

Adventist Health provides online patient portals to make communication more accessible and convenient for patients. As a patient, you can access personal health information, lab results, and other healthcare-related services. By signing up for Adventist Health’s online patient portals, you can connect with their healthcare team and become engaged in your healthcare journey.

Participate in Community Events

Adventist Health participates in community events to meet their patients personally and answer their questions regarding healthcare services and offerings. By attending Adventist Health’s community events, you can build relationships with their healthcare providers and staff, learn about their services, and understand how to access them.


Building bridges with Adventist Health is an essential step in accessing quality healthcare services and improving healthcare outcomes. By connecting with Adventist Health providers, signing up for their online patient portals, and participating in their community events, you can establish connections and remain engaged in your healthcare journey. Remember, building bridges takes time, but it’s worth it!

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