Why Season 4 of Education on Netflix is a Must-Watch for All Educators

Why Season 4 of Education on Netflix is a Must-Watch for All Educators

The fourth season of Education on Netflix is out, and it is a must-watch for all educators. The docuseries takes a deep dive into the challenges and innovations of the education sector, bringing to light the various issues facing schools across the world. In this article, we’ll explore the top reasons why you should watch this show, how it can benefit you as an educator, and what key takeaways you can expect.

The Context of Education on Netflix

Education on Netflix is a documentary series that explores multiple educational systems around the world. The first three seasons of the show looked at different perspectives and challenges of the education sector.

Season 4 covers the impact of the pandemic on the education system. The season revolves around diverse perspectives and uncovers a range of issues, including mental health, racial inequality, and the future of teaching.

Why Educators Should Watch This Show

1. Insights on The Pandemic’s Impact
Season 4 of Education on Netflix explores the effect of the pandemic on the education system and how it has changed the classroom. It provides insights into how educators have adapted to the rapidly changing environment and what they can do to support their students better. Teachers can learn about the best practices that worked during the pandemic and adapt them to their unique situations.

2. Bridging The Racial Divide
The season also touches on racial inequality in education and how teachers can approach diversity and inclusion in their curriculum. The show investigates the racial gaps in attending school during the pandemic, providing a starting point for teachers to address systemic racism in education.

3. A Look at Innovative Teaching Practices
Education on Netflix also highlights unusual teaching practices and innovative approaches to education. The show covers topics such as using games for teaching math, creative problem-solving, and much more. It is essential for educators to keep up with the latest teaching trends and techniques, and this show delivers.

Key Takeaways for Educators

1. Health and wellbeing are essential for students.
The pandemic has taken a toll on mental health, and educators need to understand how they can help students through these challenging times. Season 4 of Education on Netflix covers this topic extensively, providing educators insights on how to support their students’ mental health.

2. Technology is an essential component of education.
With the rise of remote learning, being tech-savvy is now a significant aspect of teaching. The season explores the technological solutions educators have used to keep their students engaged during the pandemic.

3. Inclusivity is critical in the classroom.
Diversity and inclusivity are pressing issues in the modern world. The season shows how educators can take a proactive approach to include underprivileged students, minorities and integrate diverse perspectives in the classroom.


Season 4 of Education on Netflix provides valuable insights and perspectives on the modern education system and how it has changed because of the pandemic. The show is a must-watch for educators who want to take an innovative approach to education, adapt to new teaching methods, and properly address the student’s mental and emotional well-being.

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