Who is the New Education Secretary in 2021?

Who is the New Education Secretary in 2021?

After the recent presidential elections in November 2020, Joe Biden became the 46th president of the United States. As per his promise to ensure quality education across the country, he appointed Miguel Cardona as the new Education Secretary in 2021. Miguel Cardona is a highly qualified educator who has vast experience in the field of education and has served as the Connecticut Commissioner of Education.

Early Life and Career

Cardona was born in Meriden, Connecticut, in 1975, to Puerto Rican parents. Miguel Cardona is the first Education Secretary from Connecticut. He grew up in a housing project and faced hardships during his childhood. He completed his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Central Connecticut State University. He started his career as a fourth-grade teacher. Cardona has also worked as a principal, assistant superintendent, and English Language Learners director.

Achievements as Connecticut Education Commissioner

As Connecticut Education Commissioner, Cardona led the state’s efforts in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic by ensuring access to remote learning for all students. He developed policies to support mental health and social-emotional learning in schools. Cardona also worked towards addressing the significant achievement gaps among students of color and improving access to quality education.

Plans as the New Education Secretary

Cardona’s plans as the new Education Secretary include ensuring access to quality education for all students, promoting equity, and addressing the learning gaps caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. He has also pledged to increase funding for public education, support policies to provide access to higher education, and strengthen the teaching profession.


In conclusion, the appointment of Miguel Cardona as the new Education Secretary brings hope for improving quality education in the United States. Cardona’s experience in education and his plans for reforming the education system are encouraging. As a leader, he has demonstrated commitment towards equity, access, and opportunities for all students, which will undoubtedly help to create change in the country’s education system.

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