Understanding the difference between Network of Things and Internet of Things

The Rising Importance of IoT

The world is gradually moving towards a more connected era. As technology becomes more advanced, it provides us with numerous opportunities to link various devices in our lives. The term Internet of Things (IoT) has been widely used lately, demonstrating the fast-growing sector of technology. However, many people might be confused about the difference between IoT and Network of Things (NoT), which can be vital for better understanding of their applications.

What is IoT?

To define IoT, we must first understand the term ‘the internet.’ The internet refers to a massive network of interconnected computers and devices that exchange data with each other. Specifically, the IoT is a vast network of automated devices, appliances, sensors, and embedded systems, all connected to the internet. The objective of the IoT is to create a seamless network of devices that can efficiently share real-time data and communicate with each other.

How does NoT differ from IoT?

Network of Things(NoT) is a concept that is aimed at providing real-time response and communications to smart and connected objects in a localized setting without necessarily relying on the internet. Therefore, while the IoT is characterized by connectivity between devices through the internet, NoT exchanges data within a local network.

Why IoT and NoT are Important?

The adoption and application of both IoT and NoT has stretched across many facets of our personal and professional lives. Various industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, and agriculture have adopted IoT and NoT to create smart products and services that depend on real-time connectivity and data exchange. For instance, IoT has been used to revolutionize healthcare by introducing remote monitoring and diagnosis abilities without depending on physical proximity. NoT has also been used in the manufacturing industry, where interconnected machines can work together to improve production efficiency and reduce errors and damages.


IoT and NoT are two concepts that have the potential to impact our daily lives significantly. With IoT being a more global and internet-based power, and NoT being a localized one, we can appreciate them potentially working together to achieve more substantial benefits. Various industries have started to recognize the power and benefits of IoT and NoT and their potential to disrupt industries and create more efficient solutions. Therefore, the future of these technologies is indeed bright as they pave the way for more connected devices and smarter ways of living, working, and thriving as a society.

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