Tschüssi, bis bald!

Tschüssi, bis bald! – The Art of Saying Goodbye in Germany

Germans might be known for their punctuality and efficiency, but when it comes to saying goodbye, they take it seriously too. Whether you are leaving a party, finishing a business meeting, or bidding farewell to a friend, there are certain guidelines to follow. So, if you want to avoid any awkward moments, read on to learn more about the art of saying ‘Tschüssi, bis bald!’ in Germany.

What Does ‘Tschüssi, bis bald!’ Mean?

‘Tschüssi, bis bald!’ is a typical German goodbye phrase that translates to ‘Ciao, see you soon!’ The word ‘Tschüss’ alone is more informal and can be used in everyday situations such as saying goodbye to colleagues at the end of the workday. However, adding ‘bis bald’ (meaning ‘until soon’) makes it more personal and implies the intention of seeing the other person again in the near future, which is a polite and friendly gesture.

When and How to Use ‘Tschüssi, bis bald!’?

It’s important to understand when and how to use the phrase depending on the circumstances. For instance, at a business meeting, it’s appropriate to say ‘Auf Wiedersehen’ (meaning ‘goodbye’ in a more formal way) instead of ‘Tschüssi, bis bald!’. Similarly, when leaving a more formal event, one can use phrases like ‘Es war schön, dabei gewesen zu sein’ (meaning ‘It was nice to be part of it’) instead of ‘Tschüssi, bis bald!’.

When it comes to saying goodbye to friends or family, adding a hug or a kiss on the cheek is common, especially among women. Germans also appreciate a direct eye contact and a smile while saying goodbye, indicating the genuineness of the gesture.

Why Saying Goodbye Matters in Germany?

Germans are known for their direct communication style and value keeping their promises. Therefore, saying goodbye is not only considered polite but also a way of showing respect for the time spent together and making an effort to maintain the relationship. It also sets expectations for future encounters, making it easier to plan the next meeting.

Moreover, saying goodbye allows for a proper closure of the conversation and prevents any misunderstandings or misinterpretations about the intention of the encounter. Germans believe that clarity and transparency are key to building trust and establishing long-lasting relationships.


In conclusion, knowing how to say ‘Tschüssi, bis bald!’ and using it appropriately can help to leave a good impression and foster a positive relationship with the locals in Germany. Adhering to the cultural norms and showing respect for the time spent together goes a long way in building trust and creating meaningful connections. Remember to add a smile and a direct eye contact while saying goodbye – it’s the little things that matter!

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