Top 10 Remote Education Jobs in 2021

Top 10 Remote Education Jobs in 2021

Remote working is an increasingly popular option across a wide range of industries. The increasing availability of the Internet makes it easier to work for companies that are located far away from you, and this trend has extended to the education sector as well. The following article will discuss the top remote education jobs that you can consider in 2021.

1. Online Tutor
Online tutoring is a remote education job that can be done from anywhere in the world. As an online tutor, you can work for a company or set up your own tutoring business.

2. Curriculum Developer
Curriculum developers design and produce educational materials for various institutions. You can work remotely as a curriculum developer and create courseware, educational videos, and other multimedia content.

3. Course Instructor
Many educational institutions provide online courses that you can be responsible for as a remote course instructor. You can grade assignments, provide feedback and interact with your students through online platforms.

4. Instructional Designer
Instructional designers develop instructional materials and strategies for various learning environments. Remote instruction designers are responsible for identifying the most effective way to teach specific topics to students.

5. Educational Consultant
An educational consultant works with academic institutions to evaluate and implement new strategies in teaching. This is typically done by providing guidance on best practices and strategies that can improve student learning.

6. Distance Learning Coordinator
Distance learning coordinators are responsible for facilitating and managing online courses. They are responsible for scheduling classes, monitoring student performance, and setting up course delivery technology.

7. Curriculum Assessment Developer
Curriculum assessment developers create and analyze assessment materials for academic programs or courses. They design tests that are used to evaluate student learning and program effectiveness.

8. Content Creator
Content creators are responsible for producing educational content, including blog posts, videos, eBooks and other forms of content that are used to educate students.

9. Education Writer
Education writers craft articles and other content that informs students about various facets of the education industry, career prospects and general trends. The work can be done remotely without any restriction.

10. Test Item Writer
Test item writers develop examination questions and assessment materials used in standardized tests. They create questions that are both valid and reliable to test the knowledge of students.


Remote education jobs have become increasingly popular in recent years. Whether you choose to work for a company or set up your own business, there are numerous opportunities in this field. Consider the options discussed in this article and work out which one is best for you.

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