The Rise of Brett Johnson as an Authority on Cybersecurity

The Rise of Brett Johnson as an Authority on Cybersecurity

Brett Johnson’s name is synonymous with cybercrime and fraud, but not always in a negative light. When it comes to the dark world of cybersecurity, he’s one of the few experts that have a deep understanding of both the legal and criminal sides of the business.

Born in 1968 in rural Kentucky, Brett was, in his own words, “an average kid raised in an average household.” After a failed attempt at attending college, where he was expelled for selling drugs, he went on to commit various types of fraud. He’s credited with developing the concept of modern identity theft and creating one of the first phishing kits, which thousands of wannabe cybercriminals used to run their schemes.

From Criminal to Consultant

After being apprehended and imprisoned, Brett turned his life around, becoming a consultant for law enforcement and financial institutions. He now uses his expertise to teach people how to prevent and combat cybercrime.

One of his most significant works was his involvement in the founding of Shadowcrew, a now-defunct online black market where hackers could trade stolen information. After being caught, Brett decided to turn himself in and cooperated with law enforcement in exchange for a reduced sentence. It was during this time that Brett began working with the FBI, using his extensive knowledge to help track down some of the world’s most notorious cybercriminals.

Contributions to Cybersecurity

Brett’s contributions to the world of cybersecurity are numerous. He’s spoken at numerous conferences, including the FBI’s International Law Enforcement Academy, Interpol, and the National White Collar Crime Center, sharing his experiences and educating others on how to stay safe online.

He’s also written a book, The Cybercrime Handbook, where he shares his insights into the mind of a cybercriminal and the tactics they use. The book has received rave reviews and has been used as a reference in many cybersecurity courses.

Furthermore, Brett has helped establish the United States Secret Service’s Electronic Crimes Task Force, an organization devoted to protecting American citizens from cybercrime. He’s worked with the organization for over two decades and continues to be a critical voice in the fight against cybercrime.


When it comes to cybersecurity, there are very few individuals as knowledgeable as Brett Johnson. His past, while flawed, has given him unparalleled insight into the world of cybercrime, making him a crucial resource for law enforcement, financial institutions, and the public at large.

His work as a consultant, writer, and speaker has helped thousands of people recognize the dangers of the internet and take steps to protect themselves. As cybersecurity threats continue to evolve, experts like Brett Johnson will play an increasingly important role in safeguarding our digital world.

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