The Benefits of Aetna and CVS Health Providers Working Together

The Benefits of Aetna and CVS Health Providers Working Together

The healthcare industry is undergoing a transformation as companies seek to partner up to provide better healthcare services to patients. One remarkable development in this regard is the partnership between Aetna and CVS Health, which aims to provide a more unified and efficient healthcare system that benefits both patients and healthcare providers alike. In this article, we explore the benefits of the Aetna and CVS Health partnership and how it improves healthcare delivery.

What is the Partnership?

Aetna, a leading health insurer, and CVS Health, a prominent pharmacy and healthcare provider, joined forces in 2018. Both companies saw an opportunity to provide better healthcare support for the customers they serve by working together. The collaboration aims to leverage Aetna’s data and analytics capabilities to drive better care coordination, improve patient experience, and reduce healthcare costs.

The Benefits of the Partnership

Better Coordination of Care

The partnership provides a seamless and coordinated experience for patients. With Aetna teaming up with CVS Health, patients now have access to healthcare professionals from both organizations through CVS Health’s extensive network of over 9,900 retail locations nationwide. This means that patients have more access to preventative care, screenings, vaccinations and other essential services.

Aetna’s health data analytics and CVS Health’s integrated Electronic Health Record (EHR) system help coordinate patient care better by giving healthcare providers access to vital information such as treatment history, medications, medical conditions, and allergies. The real-time patient information helps improve diagnoses, treatments and reduce errors that might arise due to lack of information.

Cost Savings for Patients and Employers

Aetna and CVS Health aim to deliver efficient and affordable healthcare services. With the combined resources of both companies, patients receive quality care at reasonable costs, helping to make healthcare more accessible to the masses.

The partnership seeks to reduce the costs of prescription drug spending for patients by using CVS Health’s pharmacy benefits manager to negotiate better prices on medications. Moreover, patients will receive more care coordination, which can lead to avoiding costly hospitalizations or readmissions.

Employers who partner with Aetna and CVS Health will also benefit from reduced healthcare costs. Providing health coverage to employees can be expensive for employers, but with Aetna and CVS Health, employers can offer comprehensive healthcare coverage to their employees, helping to improve employee satisfaction and retention.


The Aetna and CVS Health partnership is transforming the healthcare industry by providing integrated healthcare services, making healthcare delivery more accessible and efficient. With better coordination of care, reduced costs, and affordable healthcare, patients and employers alike can benefit from this bold collaboration while enjoying a better healthcare experience. This partnership is yet another step forward in providing quality healthcare services to people in need.

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