Reviving the 00s Emo Fashion: How to Nail the Look in 2021

Reviving the 00s Emo Fashion: How to Nail the Look in 2021

Emo fashion is all about dark makeup, skinny jeans, and band t-shirts, often complemented with studded belts, leather jackets, and heavy boots. This movement gained popularity in the early 2000s with bands like My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, and Panic! At the Disco leading the trend. Although the emo movement died out towards the end of the decade, it has seen a resurgence in recent years. Here’s how you can nail the revived 00s emo look in 2021.

Get the Right Clothes

The first step in achieving the revived emo look is to get the right clothes. You can start by looking for vintage band shirts from the 00s era. These can be found in thrift stores, online marketplaces like eBay or Depop, or even at concerts. Invest in a pair of skinny, black jeans or jeggings that will hug your figure. Add a leather jacket and a studded belt for a rebellious touch.


Emo fashion is all about the accessories. Harsh eye makeup, chunky jewelry, and multiple piercings are a must. Invest in a good quality eyeliner and mascara to create the dark and dramatic look. Experiment with different types of jewelry like chokers, cuff bracelets, and fingerless gloves. Multiple piercings on the ears, nose, and lips are also popular in the emo scene.

The Right Haircut

The emo hairstyle is a crucial element of the look. The classic emo haircut is choppy and layered with hair that falls over the face. Dye your hair in dark colors like black, teal, or purple. Use a straightener to create defined, spiky strands at the crown of your head. Keep your hair products on hand to maintain this look throughout the day.


The 00s emo fashion is back in style, and it’s easy to achieve with the right clothes and accessories. Invest in vintage band shirts, skinny jeans, a leather jacket, and a studded belt. Accessorize with chunky jewelry, multiple piercings, and harsh eye makeup. Get the classic emo haircut and dye it in dark, bold colors. With these elements, you can nail the revived emo look in 2021. So, get your style on and rock the emo revival!

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