Reviving 00s Fashion Trends: A Guide to Nailing the Look in 2021

Reviving 00s Fashion Trends: A Guide to Nailing the Look in 2021

The turn of the century saw the emergence of fashion trends that were distinctive and expressive in their own way. The 2000s fashion scene was an exciting mix of bold, bright colors, unconventional fabrics, and unconstrained silhouettes. While many of these styles have faded away over time, the 00s fashion trends are starting to make a comeback, with fashion enthusiasts embracing the unapologetically flamboyant look. If you’re interested in exploring retro fashion trends, here’s a guide to nailing the 00s look in 2021.

The power of oversized garments

In the 2000s, oversized clothing was all the rage. From loose-fitting t-shirts and baggy pants to oversized blazers and jackets, the oversized aesthetic was everywhere. If you want to delve into 00s fashion trends, start with oversized pieces. They’re comfortable, versatile, and most importantly, stylish. Pair oversized pants with a cropped top, or throw on an oversized jacket over a bodycon dress for a playful contrast in volumes.

Neon colors and psychedelic prints

The 2000s were a time when clothes and accessories were supposed to be loud and proud. Neon shades like hot pink, acid yellow and electric blue were a huge part of the fashion scene, and experiments with psychedelic prints and abstract patterns became a common trend. If you want to adopt this trend in 2021, go for one statement piece at a time, such as a neon skirt or a printed t-shirt. Pairing neon and prints with more subdued clothing items or accessories is a great way to make it feel updated.

Denim on denim

Denim was big in the 2000s. It was everywhere, from denim jackets to denim skirts, shorts, and dresses. And when it came to styling denim, the rule was simple: the more, the merrier. Double denim was a popular trend, and it’s making a comeback in 2021. To pull off this trend, choose different denim washes, textures, and weights to add depth and variation.

Sporty chic

If you want to nail the 00s fashion trends, you can’t ignore the influence of sportswear. Tracksuits, sneakers, and oversized hoodies were staples of the 2000s fashion scene, and this style has made a huge comeback in recent years. To add a contemporary twist to the look, mix in elegant pieces such as a high-heeled shoe or a tailored coat for contrast and balance.

The Final Verdict

The fashion trends of the 2000s were bold, expressive, and a reflection of a time characterized by optimism and hope. While many of these styles have disappeared, several of them have stood the test of time and are making a comeback in 2021. From acid neon shades to oversized garments, retro prints, and denim on denim, these styles are waiting for you to experiment with and make them your own. Play around with different combinations, styles, and accessories, and have fun channeling your inner 2000s fashionista!

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