Relive the 00s Skater Fashion Craze: A Look Back at Iconic Trends

Relive the 00s Skater Fashion Craze: A Look Back at Iconic Trends

Skater fashion of the 2000s was more than just a trend; it was a cultural statement. Throughout the decade, skater fashion exploded in popularity worldwide, inspiring countless people around the globe to embrace bold styles that were both functional and fashionable. From baggy jeans, to graphic tees, to Vans, the skater aesthetic dominated fashion, music, and pop culture. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the hottest 00s skater fashion trends and explore their lasting influence.

Track Jackets: The Go-To Skater Fashion Statement

In the world of 00s skater fashion, the track jacket was king. Made popular by brands like Adidas, the track jacket became a staple in skateboarding culture. It was a versatile piece that could be worn both on and off the board with ease. Its popularity was due to its comfort, sporty feel, and bold colors that made skaters stand out on the deck. From rainbow-striped designs to zippered jackets with contrasting sleeves, the track jacket was one trend from the 00s skater craze that refuses to fade away.

Baggy Jeans: The Ultimate Comfort Statement

One trend that defined the 00s skater fashion scene was the baggy jeans. It was a perfect antidote to the tight skinny jeans that were popular during the previous decade. The baggy jeans were roomy enough to allow for freedom of movement while still looking stylish. Top brands like Dickies and Volcom made these jeans their signature style statement, and they remain a popular option for skaters and streetwear enthusiasts today.

Graphic Tees: The Bold Fashion Statement

While the 00s skater fashion trends were all about comfort, they were also bold and daring. Graphic tees took the skater fashion scene by storm and became a canvas for self-expression. Wild graphics, edgy slogans, and counter-culture messages made graphic tees a must-have for any skater’s wardrobe. Popular brands like DC Shoes and Supreme led the way with their signature graphic tees that combined edgy graphics with street style fashion.

Vans: The Skater Shoe That Stood the Test of Time

No article about 00s skater fashion trends would be complete without mentioning the iconic Vans shoes. The brand took the skater scene by storm and never looked back. Known for its grippy soles, classic design, and durability, Vans shoes quickly became the go-to brand for skaters and non-skaters alike. From its first skateboard shoe, the Authentic, to its slip-on shoes, Vans became synonymous with skater fashion.


The 00s skater fashion craze was more than a fashion trend. It was a cultural statement that influenced music, art, and fashion. From track jackets to baggy jeans, graphic tees, and Vans shoes, it was a bold and edgy style that continues to remain relevant today. With its emphasis on comfort, self-expression, and individuality, the 00s skater fashion craze is an iconic moment in fashion history that still inspires people today.

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