Latest MP Education News: Schools to Reopen for Classes 6 to 8 from January 2022

Latest MP Education News: Schools to Reopen for Classes 6 to 8 from January 2022

After the COVID-19 pandemic led to the shutdown of schools in Madhya Pradesh, the state government has recently issued an order allowing schools to reopen for classes 6 to 8 from January 2022. This decision has come as a relief to many students and parents who were facing the repercussions of the prolonged break from physical classes.

Why Reopening of Schools is Essential

The reopening of schools for these classes was proposed after considering their syllabus and the required preparation for upcoming exams. With the development of vaccines and the decrease in COVID cases in the state, it has become imperative to take the necessary measures for students to resume their education in a physical classroom environment.

Online classes, which have been a makeshift alternative for students thus far, cannot replace the educational experience offered in a physical classroom environment. Students gain valuable social interaction, communication and interpersonal skills, and a sense of community and belonging in school—facets of education that online classes lack.[1]

Plan for Reopening Schools

The state government has prescribed certain guidelines that schools need to follow to ensure a safe and successful reopening. These guidelines include mandatory COVID-19 tests for teachers and non-teaching staff, provision of sanitisers and masks, arrangements for classrooms with adequate ventilation, and capacity limits in classrooms.[2]

Teachers have been provided with appropriate training to meet the requirements of physical classes, which includes following the safety guidelines, adopting innovative teaching methodologies, and frequent sanitisation of classrooms.[3]

Challenges Faced in Reopening Schools

Though the decision to reopen schools comes as a relief, there are still a few potential challenges. Firstly, it may be difficult to ensure all safety measures are effectively implemented by all schools. Secondly, parents might hesitate to send their children to school, particularly if they are concerned about the safety of their children outside their homes. Lastly, the reopening of schools may have an impact on the pandemic situation in the state, calling for constant monitoring.[4]


The reopening of schools for classes 6-8 in Madhya Pradesh has been a long-awaited decision. While it comes with its fair share of challenges, it opens up the possibility for students to resume their education, which is essential for their future prospects. It is important to monitor the situation and ensure all safety measures are met to avoid any unnecessary risks.






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