How the University of Arizona Information Systems Program Prepares Students for Success

How the University of Arizona Information Systems Program Prepares Students for Success

Graduating with a degree in Information Systems (IS) from the University of Arizona (UA) is a great way for students to kickstart their career in the technology industry. UA’s College of Management’s cutting-edge programs ensure that students are not only well-versed in the latest technologies but also have practical experience in applying these technologies to real-world problems.

A Strong Foundation in Technology

The IS program at UA is designed to equip students with the technical knowledge they need to succeed in the industry. Students are introduced to various technologies such as databases, programming languages, computer networking, and security.

At UA, students have access to well-equipped computer labs that are designed to facilitate hands-on learning. Additionally, the program ensures that students have a thorough understanding of the concepts of technology, including the theory behind it.

Internships and Work Experience

In addition to a strong foundation in technology, UA ensures that IS students receive practical work experience before they graduate. The college has partnerships with various companies, including IBM, Intel, Microsoft, and Amazon, allowing students to participate in internships and co-op programs.

These programs give students an opportunity to work on real projects, interact with industry professionals, and gain valuable exposure to the work environment. By the time students graduate, they have practical experience, enhancing their employability.

The Focus on Soft Skills

The demand for IS professionals who can communicate effectively, work collaboratively, and manage projects has increased. The college acknowledges this and has incorporated these requirements into their curriculum, ensuring that graduates are not only technically skilled but also have excellent soft skills.

Students are exposed to business concepts, communication, teamwork, and project management skills, ensuring they have a well-rounded education. Additionally, the college has a career development center that offers job search support, career guidance, and professional development opportunities.

Success After Graduation

The IS program at UA has a reputation for producing successful graduates. Graduates of the program have gone on to work at top companies such as Apple, Google, and Deloitte. Others have started their own businesses and have even been featured in Forbes Magazine’s “30 under 30.”

The college has also produced graduates who have excelled in other fields such as finance, marketing, and healthcare. The comprehensive nature of the program positions students to succeed in a variety of industries.


The University of Arizona’s Information Systems program is an excellent choice for students looking to break into the technology industry. The program equips students with technical knowledge, provides practical work experience, focuses on soft skills, and delivers a comprehensive education that positions students to succeed in any industry.

Graduates of the program are highly sought after by employers, and their success after graduation is a testament to the program’s quality and impact. If you are a student looking to succeed in the technology industry, the IS program at UA is undoubtedly worth considering.

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