Exploring the Iconic Fashion Trends of 70s Popular Culture

Exploring the Iconic Fashion Trends of 70s Popular Culture

The 1970s was an era of cultural change that saw fashion trends shift from the traditional styles of the previous decades to a more expressive, carefree and rebellious look. Retro fashion has made a huge comeback and one cannot talk about it without discussing the impact of the 70s on fashion. Fashion designers today look back to this epoch as a reference point to draw inspiration from.

What was 70s Fashion?

The fashion in the 70s was characterized by pop art, disco culture, and glam rock. Men and women alike embraced a more comfortable style, keeping away from form-fitting suits and structured dresses and opting for loose and flowing fabrics.

Bell-bottom pants, maxi dresses, platform shoes, mini skirts, and hot pants were popular trends of the decade. Denim, particularly bell-bottom jeans, became a staple in most people’s wardrobes.

Prints were huge in the 70s, especially abstract and floral prints. Bold colors like orange, green, and blue were fashionable during this era. The success of disco culture paved the way for sequins, glitter, and metallic fabrics.

Bell-bottom pants and Flares

Bell-bottom pants were very popular in the 70s. They were tight around the thighs and then flared out from the knee, creating a bell shape, hence their name. Bell-bottoms pants were worn by both genders and came in an array of styles and colors. Flares were a variation of bell-bottoms with a slight flare at the hem.

Platform shoes and Boots

Platform shoes and boots were synonymous with the 70s fashion scene. They were fashionable and practical, as they gave the wearer height without compromising comfort. Platforms came in various styles and were made from different materials such as suede and leather.


Discos changed the way people socialized and danced. Disco culture brought with it a new fashion trend, which was all about glitz and glitter. Polyester shirts, jumpsuits, and dresses with sequins and glittery fabrics were popular among men and women alike. The younger generations enjoyed the freedom of expression in their clothing with artsy t-shirts and oversized collars.


The fashion trends of 70s popular culture were filled with exuberance, bold prints, and bright colors. The fashion industry today still embraces the trends of the retro era with a modern twist. From flared jeans to platform shoes, the fashion trends of the 70s continue to inspire fashion designers globally. The fluidity and comfort of fashion staples from that time period have paved way for contemporary designers today.

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