Exploring the Glamour of 1920s Men’s Fashion: An Overview of Iconic Trends and Styles

Exploring the Glamour of 1920s Men’s Fashion: An Overview of Iconic Trends and Styles

The roaring twenties of the 20th century is a decade that is often associated with glitz, glamour, and extravagance. It’s a time when fashion took center stage, and men made bold statements with their clothing. From sharp suits to elaborate accessories and flamboyant hairstyles, 1920s men’s fashion remains one of the most iconic eras in the history of fashion.


The 1920s was a period of great change, and this was reflected in the way men dressed. World War I had just ended, and the economy was booming, so men had more disposable income to spend on clothing. The fashion of the time was defined by boldness, sophistication, and a drive to break free from the shackles of the past. In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of 1920s men’s fashion and explore some of the most iconic trends and styles.


The Suit

The suit was the cornerstone of 1920s fashion. Men’s suits were slim-fitting, with high waistlines and narrow lapels. The pants had a straight cut, with cuffs and pleats being optional. The suits were mostly made of wool or tweed, and they came in a range of colors, from the classic black, navy, and gray to brighter hues like green, red, and yellow.

Interestingly, double-breasted suits were also in vogue in the 1920s. They had six or eight buttons, and the lapels were usually wider than those of their single-breasted counterparts. Another significant trend in 1920s fashion was the zoot suit, which was oversized and had exaggerated features such as wide lapels and baggy trousers.


Accessories played a critical role in 1920s men’s fashion. Neckties were a must-have item, and they were usually slim and made of silk. Bow ties were also popular, with some being oversized and flamboyant. A hat was another accessory that completed the look. Fedoras, bowlers, and flat caps were common choices.

Shoes were also essential in completing an outfit. Two-tone shoes were in style, with the toe and heel being a different color than the rest of the shoe. Oxford shoes with perforated details were a popular choice for evening wear.

Hair and Grooming

Hairstyles in the 1920s were sleek, polished, and well-groomed. Short haircuts were in fashion, and men styled their hair using pomade and oil. The slick-back look was particularly popular and was achieved by combing the hair back and using a generous amount of hair product.

Facial hair, on the other hand, was less common in the 1920s. Most men preferred to be clean-shaven, with only a few opting for a mustache. The clean look was also emphasized by the use of close-cut razors.


In conclusion, the 1920s was a time when fashion was bold, daring, and innovative. Men’s fashion represented a significant shift from the traditional and formal to the modern and relaxed. The sleek suits, flamboyant accessories, and well-groomed hairstyles of the era remain an inspiration to this day, proving once again that style truly stands the test of time.

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