5 Fascinating Argentina Facts You Never Knew

5 Fascinating Argentina Facts You Never Knew

Argentina, the land of the tango and great wines, has much more to offer than meets the eye. From hidden subterranean rivers to a peculiar ice-scream, this South American country is full of surprises. Here are 5 fascinating Argentina facts that you might not know.

1. The Crystal Caves of Mina Clavero

Located in the central province of Cordoba, the Crystal Caves of Mina Clavero are an underground natural wonder. The cave formed over 80 million years ago is home to an impressive display of sparkling crystals, which shine in various hues depending on the light source. Visitors can take guided tours of the cave and marvel at the extraordinary beauty of these formations.

2. The World’s Widest Avenue

Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, boasts the world’s widest avenue, Avenida 9 de Julio. The avenue is named after Argentina’s Independence Day, and it spans more than 15 lanes. Its main attraction is the 67-meter high Obelisk, a standing monument to Argentina’s founding fathers.

3. Fileteado Porteño – a Unique Street Art

Fileteado Porteño is a decorative street art style that emerged in Buenos Aires in the early 20th century. It ranges from scrolls and curlycues to bold-lettered block messages with a 3D effect. The design usually characterizes the porteño style, a glitzy and colorful aesthetic found in much of the Argentine capital’s street life.

4. Ice Cream and the Peculiar Taste of Dulce de Leche

Argentines are famously known for their love for ice cream, and the country offers some of the creamiest and most refreshing flavors. However, one particular taste that stands out is dulce de leche. This caramel flavor ice-cream is famous for its sweet rich taste that ranges from heavy cream and milk to condensed milk and sugar.

5. The Subway River

In Buenos Aires, the subway system has a unique feature – a subterranean stream called the Maldonado river. The river runs beneath the city and the subway tunnels had to be built around it. There are small ducts placed throughout the subway system that allows water to flow into the river, making it possible for commuters to travel without getting their feet wet.


Argentina is a land of rich culture, history, and natural wonders that never fail to surprise. From the subterranean rivers to the ice cream flavors, Argentina offers a fascinating blend of delights for all visitors. These five fascinating Argentina facts are only the tip of the iceberg, as there are always more hidden gems waiting to be discovered in this beautiful South American country.

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