The Benefits of Learning Ally for Dyslexic Students

The Benefits of Learning Ally for Dyslexic Students

If you’re dyslexic, reading can be a struggle. The letters on the page might seem to blend together, making comprehension difficult. But fortunately, there’s a solution that can help: Learning Ally. In this article, we’ll explore the various benefits of Learning Ally for dyslexic students.

What is Learning Ally?

Learning Ally is an online resource that provides audiobooks, instructional videos, and educator resources, all aimed at helping people with various print disabilities succeed in school and beyond. Unlike other online audiobook providers, Learning Ally’s books are read by human narrators rather than artificial voices.

One-On-One Support

One of the most significant benefits of Learning Ally is its one-on-one support system. Students can get individualized training and help from a Learning Ally specialist, who can answer any questions they may have and offer personalized tips to help them succeed. This is particularly beneficial for dyslexic students who may have difficulty retaining information from traditional teaching methods.

Access to a Vast Library

Learning Ally’s library contains over 80,000 titles, including textbooks, popular fiction, and academic journals. Because the books are available in audio format, dyslexic students can listen to them at their own pace, without the stress and strain that often comes with traditional reading. This helps them retain information better and ultimately perform better in their studies.

Improved Reading Comprehension

For dyslexic students, reading comprehension can be a major challenge. Learning Ally’s audiobooks can help improve their ability to comprehend what they’re reading. By listening to the book while following along with the text, students can reinforce their understanding of the material and catch small details they may have missed while reading.

Increased Independence

For many dyslexic students, reading can be a source of anxiety. But with Learning Ally’s audiobooks, they can experience independence and gain confidence in their ability to learn. Additionally, Learning Ally’s resources can help with other aspects of learning, such as studying skills and note-taking.

The Bottom Line

Learning Ally can be a game-changer for dyslexic students, helping them succeed in their studies and beyond. By providing personalized support, access to a vast library, and increased independence, dyslexic students can improve their reading comprehension and build the skills they need to achieve success.

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