Are Game Informer Magazines Worth Anything? A Comprehensive Guide

Are Game Informer Magazines Worth Anything? A Comprehensive Guide

Game Informer is a video game magazine that has been around since 1991. With over 6 million subscribers, it’s one of the most popular gaming magazines in the world. But with the rise of digital media, many people are wondering if physical copies of Game Informer are still worth anything today. In this article, we’ll take a comprehensive look at the value of Game Informer magazines and whether they’re worth investing in.

Game Informer: A Brief History

Game Informer was first published in 1991 by FuncoLand, a company that sold video games. Initially, the magazine was a small publication with a circulation of only a few thousand copies. However, as the popularity of video games increased, so did the popularity of the magazine. Game Informer was eventually acquired by GameStop in 2000 and is now the official magazine of the video game retailer.

Over the years, Game Informer has featured exclusive interviews with video game developers, reviews of the latest games, and previews of upcoming releases. The magazine has also produced some iconic covers that have become collectibles in their own right.

The Value of Game Informer Magazines

The value of Game Informer magazines largely depends on several factors. The first is the rarity of a particular issue. Some issues of the magazine are harder to find than others, and this can make them more valuable to collectors. Additionally, issues that feature exclusive content or cover art, like those related to the release of a highly-anticipated game, can often demand a higher price.

Another factor that can influence the value of Game Informer magazines is their condition. As with any collectible, the better the condition of the magazine, the more valuable it is likely to be. Issues that are in mint condition, with no creases, tears, or other damage, will generally be worth more than those that show signs of wear and tear.

It’s worth noting that while some issues of Game Informer can be valuable, most are not. The vast majority of issues can be found online for a few dollars or less, making them an affordable way to build a collection of gaming memorabilia.

Examples of Valuable Game Informer Issues

While most issues of Game Informer aren’t worth much, there are a few exceptions. Here are some examples of especially valuable issues and the factors that make them worth investing in.

  • Issue 1: The first issue of Game Informer is a rare find, as many copies were thrown out or destroyed over the years. As a result, this issue has become a highly sought-after collectible, with copies selling for hundreds of dollars in good condition.
  • June 1997: This issue features a cover story on Final Fantasy VII, one of the most beloved and influential games of all time. As a result, copies of this issue can be worth up to $50 in good condition.
  • November 2004: This issue features the first-ever preview of the highly-anticipated game Halo 2. Because of this exclusive content, copies of this issue can sell for up to $25.
  • July 2008: This issue features a preview of Fallout 3, a game that would go on to be a critical and commercial success. Because of this, copies of this issue can sell for up to $20.


In conclusion, while most issues of Game Informer aren’t worth much, there are some exceptions that can be valuable to collectors. Factors like rarity and condition can influence the value of these magazines, as can exclusive content or cover art. If you’re interested in collecting Game Informer magazines, it’s worth doing some research to see which issues are in demand and what they’re currently selling for. With a little bit of luck and some careful searching, you may be able to build a collection of valuable gaming memorabilia that you can enjoy for years to come.

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