The Benefits of Using 7th Grade Informational Text Passages in the Classroom

Why 7th Grade Informational Text Passages are Beneficial in the Classroom

As an educator, you understand the importance of using appropriate teaching materials, particularly in 7th-grade classrooms where content is increasingly challenging. One proven method of providing informational texts to students is through the use of 7th-grade informational text passages. These passages are written with 7th-grade reading level and comprehension in mind, and they can be incredibly effective in enhancing learning outcomes. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using 7th-grade informational text passages in the classroom.

Improved Reading Comprehension

One of the benefits of using 7th-grade informational text passages is that they are written at the appropriate reading level. As a result, it’s easier for students to understand and engage with the material. Research has shown that students who read at their reading level or slightly above tend to have better reading comprehension skills. By using 7th-grade informational text passages, students will see great improvement in their reading comprehension because they can focus on understanding the content rather than struggling with unfamiliar vocabulary.

Enhanced Vocabulary and Language Development

Exposure to new vocabulary through reading is crucial for language development in 7th-grade students. 7th-grade informational text passages provide an opportunity for students to engage with challenging new vocabulary by seeing words used in context. Moreover, students can learn to understand and use context clues to improve their comprehension. They can learn the meanings of words they haven’t learned before and add them to their vocabulary. This exposure to new vocabulary is beneficial for language development and can have lasting effects beyond the classroom.

Improvement in Critical Reading Skills

Reading informational text passages requires students to engage in critical thinking by analyzing different perspectives, examining text structure, and considering the author’s purpose. This type of critical reading skill is critical for 7th-grade students’ development. By using 7th-grade informational text passages, students become familiar with the genre, which provides an opportunity for them to develop the critical thinking skills necessary for academic success.

Increased Student Engagement and Interest

Using 7th-grade informational text passages in the classroom can increase student engagement and interest in reading. When students encounter texts that they find interesting, they are more likely to become invested in the reading, encourage thoughtful discussion, and offer opinions. By using 7th-grade informational text as opposed to material that can appear dry and boring, students can become more involved in what they are reading and develop a love for learning within the subjects they study.

Easy to Integrate into Curriculum Planning

Integrating 7th-grade informational text passages into classroom curriculum planning is easy and cost-effective. Teachers can find these resources online and tailor the content to suit their specific course materials and lessons. Furthermore, the ability to create custom text passages for teacher usage are a fantastic resource to incorporate into class activities and assignments throughout the duration of the academic term.


In conclusion, 7th-grade informational text passages are a valuable tool in the classroom and can aid in student development. Benefits include improved reading comprehension, enhanced vocabulary and language development, improvement of critical reading skills, increased student engagement and interest, and ease of integration in curriculum planning. By using 7th-grade informational text passages, both students and teachers will see great benefits within the classroom environment.

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