Important American Airlines Passenger Information You Need to Know

Important American Airlines Passenger Information You Need to Know

Flying with American Airlines can be a pleasant experience if you follow the right guidelines. However, it can also be tiring and stressful if you don’t have the necessary information. Here are some essential American Airlines passenger information that you need to know before flying.

Baggage Regulations

One of the most crucial things that you need to pay attention to when flying with American Airlines is the baggage regulations. American Airlines allows two free carry-on bags and two checked bags per person. The carry-on bags must fit in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you. The checked bags must not exceed 62 inches in total dimensions and 50 pounds in weight.

If your baggage exceeds the allowed limits, you will have to pay extra fees. It’s advisable to measure the bag’s dimensions and weight before traveling to avoid any unwanted costs.

Flight Cancellation Policy

American Airlines has a flexible cancellation policy that allows passengers to cancel their flight up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure time. If you cancel your flight within this period, you will receive a full refund. However, if you cancel your flight after the 24-hour grace period, you’ll have to pay a cancellation fee.

It’s advisable to book your flight with the knowledge that you might have to cancel and pay the cancellation fee. Also, make sure you cancel your flight within the 24-hour grace period if you don’t want to incur any losses.

Check-in Process

The check-in process for American Airlines flights can be done online or at the airport. Online check-in opens 24 hours before the scheduled departure time, allowing passengers to select their seat and print or download their boarding pass.

At the airport, passengers can check-in using the self-service kiosks or approach the American Airlines staff at the check-in counters. It’s advisable to arrive early at the airport, at least two hours before the scheduled departure time, to complete the check-in and security processes on time.

Seat Selection

American Airlines allows passengers to select their preferred seats during the check-in process. However, some seats come at an extra cost, like seats with more legroom and seats in premium classes. It’s advisable to choose your seat during the online check-in process to guarantee your preferred seat. If you don’t choose a seat during online check-in, American Airlines will assign one for you during the boarding process.


In conclusion, flying with American Airlines can be a great experience if you follow the necessary guidelines. Make sure you adhere to the baggage regulations, understand the flight cancellation policy, complete the check-in process on time, and select your preferred seat during online check-in. With this crucial passenger information, you’ll have a stress-free and pleasant flight with American Airlines.

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