How 80,000 Hours Can Help You Succeed in Entrepreneurship

How 80,000 Hours Can Help You Succeed in Entrepreneurship

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking for guidance on achieving your goals? Look no further than the principles behind 80,000 Hours. Originally a career advice organization, 80,000 Hours has expanded beyond career strategy to include insights on effective altruism, effective decision-making, and personal success.

The Importance of Effective Altruism in Entrepreneurship

Effective altruism is the idea that we should use evidence and reason to determine the most effective ways to do good. In other words, by evaluating the potential impact of our actions and using data to guide our decisions, we can maximize our impact and make the greatest positive difference.

This philosophy is particularly relevant to entrepreneurship. As a business owner, you have the potential to create massive impact through the creation of new products and services, the creation of jobs and economic growth, and through philanthropic ventures. By applying the principles of effective altruism to your business practices, you can make strategic decisions that generate the greatest possible impact, creating a more sustainable, socially responsible business.

Effective Decision-Making Techniques for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, you’ll face a high level of uncertainty and risk when making decisions. The success of your business may hinge on any one of those decisions, so it’s important to make choices based on the best available information.

Some effective decision-making techniques that can help you succeed as an entrepreneur include:

  • Using data and analytics to guide decisions, rather than relying on intuition or gut instinct.
  • Using scenarios and modeling to predict and weigh the potential outcomes of different decisions.
  • Brainstorming with colleagues to get a variety of perspectives and ideas.
  • Conducting A/B testing to evaluate the effectiveness of different approaches.

The Power of Networking in Entrepreneurship

While skill and expertise are important in entrepreneurship, relationships are equally essential. By building strong networks of contacts and relationships with mentors, investors, and business partners, you can gain access to valuable resources, advice, and opportunities.

Networking can also help you stay up-to-date on industry trends and developments, and connect with other entrepreneurial thinkers who can challenge and inspire you.


By incorporating the principles of effective altruism, effective decision-making, and networking, you can take your entrepreneurship skills to the next level. As you navigate the challenges and opportunities of building a successful business, remember to remain open-minded, proactive, and always looking for ways to improve and grow.

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