Behind the Scenes: An Interview for My Speech

Behind the Scenes: An Interview for My Speech

If you’ve ever had to deliver a speech, then you know how important it is to prepare for it. One of the most critical steps in preparing for a speech is conducting interviews. By talking to people who have knowledge and experience in the subject matter, you can gain valuable insights that will help you deliver a compelling and informative speech.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of conducting an interview for your speech and discuss some best practices to follow to make it a success.

Prepare Your Questions

Before conducting the interview, it’s essential to prepare a list of questions that you want to ask. These questions should be open-ended and designed to prompt the interviewee to share their knowledge and experiences. Consider the following when preparing your questions for your speech interview:

– What is the topic of your speech, and what points do you want your interviewee to cover?
– What level of expertise and experience does your interviewee have in the subject matter?
– What are some unique insights or perspectives that your interviewee can offer?

Conducting the Interview

When conducting the interview, it’s crucial to be respectful and professional. Remember that your interviewee is taking time out of their day to speak with you, so be sure to thank them for their availability before and after the interview. Take note of the following best practices when conducting an interview for your speech:

– Start with a quick introduction and small talk to build rapport and help your interviewee feel more comfortable.
– Ask open-ended questions that allow your interviewee to elaborate on their experiences.
– Listen attentively to what your interviewee is saying. Don’t interrupt or talk over them.
– If you don’t understand something, ask clarifying questions.
– Follow up on points that interest you or that need more explanation.

Wrapping Up the Interview

After you’re done with your questions, take a minute to recap the main points your interviewee covered. This will help ensure that you have all the information you need to prepare your speech.

Be sure to thank your interviewee for their time and let them know when and where the speech will take place. You may also consider asking them if they would like to attend the speech as a guest.


Interviews are an essential part of preparing a speech that most people overlook. But if you take the time to conduct interviews, you’ll gain valuable insights that will help you deliver a compelling and informative speech. By following the best practices we’ve discussed in this article, you’ll be on your way to conducting successful and fruitful interviews for your speech.

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